Annie Beatty Iyengar Yoga Great Malvern Annie Beatty Iyengar Yoga Great Malvern


The Fold - Bransford 7.30-9.00pm
(CLASS DATES AUTUMN 2017 12th September -12th December exc. 24th October)

Once you have attended a series of beginners’ classes you are welcome to attend a Developing Beginners’ class. What does this mean? You will be working in more detail on the asanas developing a deeper understanding of how to work within the postures. We will also be exploring the asanas on the Intermediate I syllabus. You can only do this once you have become confident with the basics of the asanas; where to put your feet legs arms body, how to place the equipment and generally have begun to feel familiar with the basic asanas. There will be more strength in the spine for seated postures and a feeling of greater steadiness and focus that will allow the practitioner to develop the inner journey that requires the outer body to have a strong, quiet stillness. Once you are at this level, the Yoga journey really begins and the fruits of practice will start to ripen. The Fold is a beautiful eco-barn with a fantastic wooden floor. It is a community of people who are developing ways of living more gently on this planet sharing alternative options for health care and supply fresh local food. We have been coming here every Tuesday for several years and we love to have new keen practitioners to share our love of Iyengar Yoga. The venue is a beautiful eco-barn with a fantastic wooden floor.


Upton-upon-Severn Primary School 7.15-8.15pm
(Class DATES 2017 14th September - 14th December exC. 26th December)

We are very grateful to the support of Upton-upon-Severn Primary school for promoting this class to their parents and families. Yoga can be an excellent way to help balance the demands of a busy family life allowing people to feel rejuvenated again for the challenges and opportunities of having a growing family. This class suited to complete beginners or those who may not be able to manage a more challenging class. We will carefully learn how to place the body in the basic asanas; where to place your feet, legs, arms, hands. Learning how to use the equipment can seem tricky at first, but gradually as you learn to place it carefully you will find out the benefits of using various props in the postures (asanas). The spine will become strengthened, the body steadier and as you gain confidence you will naturally find the inner journey of Yoga towards the inner quiet will become revealed.




Elmslie House - GREAT MALVERN 9.00-10.30am
(Class DATES AUTUMN 2017 15th September - 15th December exc. 27th October)

Also a Developing Beginners’ class. Elmslie House is a delightful and very special venue. I first knew Elmslie House when it was The Grove owned by my friend Julia Palmer-Price. It has held much magic and great talent in this hall, from Elgar to Nigel Kennedy who have played in it and many many talented musicians in between. Those who use it feel very grateful to the present owners, Anna and Bernard, who have restored it to a very functional and luxurious space for artistic expression and exploration. Particularly welcome is the under floor heating and, yes, another beautiful wooden floor.




Great Malvern Yoga - Malvern 6.00-7.00pm

A practice class aimed at students who are already attending another Yoga class during the week. This class is not suitable for beginners and students should be able to work on their own with correction only being given when absolutely necessary. Without practice we will make very slow progress. Practice is an essential part of practising Yoga. The great musicians practise for hours and hours to develop their art. Yoga is an art to be developed and explored.