Annie Beatty Yoga

I have been an Iyengar Yoga teacher since 1995.  I am qualified at Junior Intermediate II level which allows me to teach Pregnancy Yoga classes, one to one sessions and Gentle classes.

I teach a wide variety of classes in and around the Malvern area.  I run workshops and holidays, specialising in developing Yoga for children and families.


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Annie Beatty Supply Teacher

With over 20 years of teaching experience, a background in science and mathematics, and a keen interest in the arts, the primary curriculum continues to delight.

My approach to education is to find a spark in each child by sharing my own love of learning and helping children to find a lifelong interest in our world.  When children approach me and ask if I am teaching them that day, when they recall a lesson that I have taught them I in the past, I have that sense of what all teachers go into the profession to do; to share a passion.

Yoga in schools is something that I have been involved with and gained much success for many years.  I am currently leading a project through Hereford Yoga Centre developing Yoga in schools.  We are working at a national level and with International specialists in the field of children’s Yoga.

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